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Cry Of The Lost

Band: Embers In Ashes
Album: Outsiders
Length: 3:07
Year: 2012
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Red Cord Records
Requests: 22

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Here We Are So Broken
We Have Nothing Of Worth
But Everything We Offer Up Is Yours
You Know All About Us
You Know Our Past Mistakes
But You Welcome Us Home With Open Arms

I Cry Out Your Name
Here Me Now

We Are
Sinners Looking For Forgiveness
We Are
Lost And Waiting To Be Found
You Are
Light That Guides Us In The Darkness
You Are
Hope That Lifts Us Off The Ground

Here We Are Betrayers
We Kick The Dirt At You
We've Brought You Only Shame And Caused You Only Pain
You Know Our Deepest Thoughts
We Spit Into Your Face
Despite Our Wrongs You Chose To Take Our Place

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