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Breezes Through Treezes

Band: The Tug Fork River Band
Album: Vulture
Length: 4:50
Year: 2012
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 23

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I Stared At The Moon And The Moon Stared Back At Me
I Stared At The Sun And Now I Can't See
I Climbed The Shortest Mountain To Take The Furthest Fall
I Took Note Of Every Image
But Now My Imagination Is Gone
If These Are My Last Words
If This Is My Last Breath
They'll Dissect Every Part And Try To Make Sense Of It
Whether They're Right Or Wrong My Words Will Carry On
You Take What You Want
But You Want What You Don't Have
As We Strive For The Future
But Hold Tight To The Past
Please Know That I Love You
But I Love Myself More
Here's The Shirt Off My Back
I'm Buying The Store
Oh God My Savior
What A Wretch I Am To Save
The Darkness Approaches
Lord Help Me To Be Brave
Pockets Full Of Silver
Mouth Full Of Gold
Hands Covered In Dirt
With A Buried Heart And Soul
Oh Lord Come Soon
This All Began When I Stared At The Moon.

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