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Sheep Among Wolves

Band: Project 86
Album: Sheep Among Wolves
Length: 3:57
Year: 2017
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 1

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Crawl Along With Me Into Savage Memories
Where We Hunt Until Dawn While Mortals Count Sheep
Taking Form Against Flames
I Can Still Hear The Screams Echoing
When The Moonlight Fades Away And I Shapeshift Back To Me...
What I Would Not Trade For Just One More Night, One More Night To Be Changed
Reach Into The Past For A Moment Here With Me
When Fangs Would Emerge, When Vision Would Blur
When We Lived For The Kill Without Hope For The Cure From The Beast
We Dined With The Wolves In The Shapes Of Men
We Joined In The Hunger, The Feast Of Dens
You Howled At The Thought Before You Knew The Spirit Still Lives Inside Of You, Too

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