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Band: Project 86
Album: Sheep Among Wolves
Length: 3:53
Year: 2017
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 1

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This Oath Was Made To Give Me Shelter From The Waves
But Winds Rose The Ocean Froze And I Found You Dead Asleep
You Spoke And Gave The Order, The Sea Had To Obey
Doubt Grows And Heaven Knows Why You're Testing Me
Just Like You Said You Would...
Take Control Before I Take Chances
Take The Throne And All Its Romances
Trusting In The Waves, Praying They Won't Break
I Can't Rest All My Hopes In This Uncertainty
One Shot, I Must Believe The Sea Won't Turn On Me
I'll Float The Blue Forever, This Gun My Only Mate
Set Sail Until I Slumber And Pretend I'm Not Afraid
Just Like You Said I Would...
Faithless Birth, Reversing Steam, Engine Kill, Deadlights Breathe
Capsize Every Dream, We Could
Rogue Seas Turning On Me, Just Like You Said They Would...

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