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Band: Project 86
Album: Sheep Among Wolves
Length: 2:49
Year: 2017
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 8

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Light Up The Beacons
I'm Sending Out The Signal Because Tonight Your Revolution Ends
The Lampstand Removal Of Unholy Ritual For Violence The Sirens Will Wail
Enough, I've Heard Enough Of All Your Promises
Your Deeds Have Made My Stomach Turn
Enough, I've Had Enough Of All Your Crusades
Your Throne Is Swallowed By The Earth
Your Throne Becomes A Crater In The Earth
From The Gallows To The Grave
From Their Halos The Guilty Will Hang
Your Secrets Unearthing
Your Barriers Are Peeling Back To Reveal Your Devilry
In Blood Runs The Writing On Walls That Are Crumbling
So What Will It Take For The Sheep To Say, "enough?"
By Your Own Rope You're Hanging High
You Wear Your Hunger To Play The Oppressor
Like Jewels Of The Crown On Your Head
No Mercy Is Shown When Mercy's Not Given
Your Halo Will Hang You Instead

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