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Down Pride

Band: Rally Of The Lost
Album: Stronghold
Length: 4:08
Year: 2014
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 116

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I Feel I Can Let Go
Need To Take These Chains Away
Save Them For Someone Else Who Wants To Play This Game Your Way
Turn It Around
Bring It Back
It's Time To Look Up And See Who Is Beating You Down
There's No Room For You
With All The Spinning Around You Just Can't Think It Over
You're Still Looking In
As If I Gave You A Chance
As If I Thought It Over
But You Throw It All Away
Everything I Ever Gave
You Let Your Pride Get In The Way
I Was Blind But Now I've Been Set Free
Shove Your Pride Down
Living Lies Aren't You
Spinning Around
It's Time To Let Go

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