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When Push Comes To Shove

Band: My Brother's Keeper
Album: My Brother's Keeper
Length: 3:44
Year: 2012
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 2

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I See The Chariots Rising
I Feel The Fire Burning Through Their Souls, But It's Too Much
I Need Someone To Change My Heart
I Need This All Way Too Much

I Need Some One To Change My Heart
Bring Life To All Their Broken Scars
You Left Me All Alone And Out Of Place
I Need Someone To Finally Save Me

Broken Families, Broken Homes
I Need A Way Out Of This Drug Infested Room
You Left Us All Alone So Shove It
We Need This Way Too Much

I Need Some Words Please Shove It
I Just Need Some Help Please Shove It

Your Wanna Crawl
Your Wanna Fall
Your Gonna Break So Shove It
You Wanna Brawl
You Wanna Fall
You Wanna Break So Break

I Need Some Decency
But Its Too Much, Just Show Me Misery