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The Face With No Name

Band: Memphis May Fire
Album: Sleepwalking
Length: 3:12
Year: 2009
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Trustkill Records
Requests: 18

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Here We Go Again
I Brought Us Here On Purpose
I Knew We Wouldn't Make It Out
You See It In My Face
You And I Were Born To Die In This Place

All The Walls You Built To Surround You
Crumble Right Before Your Eyes
Yet Again Gain It Seems You Have Failed
This Is How It All Ends
We Couldn't Change It If We Tried
Come On Come On Go Ahead Try
Go Ahead And Try

This Is The Price We Pay For The Moment In Time (Moment In Time)
We Searchin Felt Cible

Your Heart Beats Faster Your Knees Get Weaker
And Time Stands Still Time Stands Still
Push It Back Push It Back But One Day This Will All Become Very Real
As A Curtain Of Darkness Covers The Sky

In This Place You Have No Face
In This Place You Have No Name
Looking For Anything That Feels Familiar
Trying To Forget A City In Ruin
Wasting Time Caught In A Trap You Set Yourself
You Set This Trap Yourself

When Skyline Hit Fire It All Went To Hell
Dead Bodies Askew
Alarming The Church Bell

You Can Not Do This On Your Own
Our Days Were Numbered
You Can Not You Can Not Do This On Your Own
Our Days Were

They Watch In Silence Create And Destroy
Orchestrating Our Every Thought
They Watch In Silence Create And Destroy
We Dare Not Say We Ever Tried To Make It Stop

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