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Nothing More

Band: Decyfer Down
Album: The Other Side Of Darkness
Length: 4:05
Year: 2016
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 69

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I'm Sick Of Waking To The Presence Of The Enemy
I Feel The Weight Of Your Disease And Words Infecting Me
I'm Cutting Ties Now For The Last Time
Driving The Final Nail To Paralyze

Don't Speak, No Need For Closure
Its You I Sever, Be Gone Forever
I Want Nothing More
To Me Our Time Together Is Dead And Over
I Want Nothing More

So Many Years You Fed You Dirty Lies And Filthy Crow
This Damage Done To Me I Bury Down With You Below
I'm Cutting Ties Now For The Last Time
Driving The Rusty Nail To Finalize


I've Heard It All Before
(I Won't Believe It Again)
You Left Me Flat On The Floor
(You're Gone And My Life Begins)

Chorus: (2x)

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