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The Sound Of Truth (Live)
by As I Lay Dying
from This Is Who We Are
Dawning Of A New Day
by The Great Commission
from And Every Knee Shall Bow
Sons Of Thunder
by Battleship!
from Resurrection
by Adelaide
from Slugtrail EP
Nothing From You
by Sacrificium
from Escaping The Stupor
Thief In The Night
by Mercy Screams
from Pathways
Route 3
by Unseen Faith
from Yokebreaker
by Great Was The Fall
from Corruption
Hardcore Is His Grace
by Flesh War
from The Victory Of Jesus Christ
The Death Of Ignorance
by Earth From Above
from Partakers
by With Blood Comes Cleansing
from Golgotha
From The Depths
by Agonal
from Nikao

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