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Pestilential Articulation
by Revulsed
from Infernal Atrocity

by Behold! The City
from Seekers

Take My Sin Away
by Twenty One Twelve
from Twenty One Twelve

New Jerusalem
by From The Eyes Of Servants
from El Elyon

Live Or Die
by Impending Doom
from Death Will Reign

Like Trying To Kiss A Freight Train
by Auburn
from Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

by Kronicles
from The Never End...

Spirit Remains
by Problem Of Pain
from Problem Of Pain

Woe To The City Of Blood
by Blood Thirsty
from Woe To The City Of Blood

With Devils
by Inked In Blood
from Sometimes We Are Beautiful

Sleep On It
by The Circle
from Who I Am

Can't Deny You
from I Wanna Be God