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Those Who Fear Calling It Quits...


As of today, we are officially announcing that Facedown Fest will be our FINAL SHOW. This decision has been coming for some time now. It was a good run and the memories and friendships we've made, we will never forget. But some of us are currently doing different things with our lives that don't coincide with a constant touring lifestyle, so we all have decided that it's best for this chapter of our lives to come to a close.

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Help Support The Protest's New Album via Indiegogo


This will be our 3rd studio album and we are more focused than ever to reach people with the hope that is found in Jesus through our music. We have been writing harder than we ever have in hopes to give you guys the absolute best product! We have chosen to work with producer Matt Arcaini (Disciple, Aaron Gillespie, Verdia) out of Nashville. We are at our best live and he wants to help us capture that energy! There are great rewards for those who choose to join us in making this album a reality!

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The Letter Black using crowd funding for new album.


We need your help to partner with us as we record our Third Studio Album. We finally have no boundaries to make a label happy because you are the label! Our time at Tooth and Nail has come to an end. Instead of signing with another label and starting the machine up again, we need your help. The fans.

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Getting to know...

Natal John |  Dark From Day One

This is a monthly article where we get to know those from the Christian music industry a little bit better. We find out what is going on in the lives of your favorite musicians, writers, artists, and more...

In this month's article, we caught up with Natal John from "Dark From Day One" and got a little personal...

Who is the craziest in the band?

Natal John: Ronnie James, because he is eccentric and is always on a high spirited adventure. lol

What are your hobbies outside of music?

Natal John: Hanging out with my fiancé, spending time with my family, fishing, canoeing, 4-Wheeler riding, video games, binge watching Netflix

Where is the weirdest place you have ever been?

Natal John: One time we were on tour and we played a show at a venue in Elizabeth, Minnesota which is a fairly small town and they actually bussed people in to watch our show and we had people that were in cowboy hats and cowboy boots country line dancing to our rock music. Everybody had a lot of fun but I did not expect to see that at a rock show.

When did you first become a Christian?

Natal John: I was seven years old and I was in children's church at RCC( Russellville Christian center). At the end, there was an altar call and the lady said that if any of us wanted Jesus to come live in our heart then we could say a prayer and invite him in and he would be our personal Lord and Savior.

Why do you believe in God?

Natal John: I've personally experienced the undeniable change that happens when you come to know him as the Lord of your heart and life.

How do you start a typical day?

Natal John: Some things in my days are routine, such as, I go in the kitchen and get coffee. Then I'll read the Bible verse of the day on my Bible app. Then, I thank Him in prayer and do you whatever I have on the agenda for that day.

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