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Free download of Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 5 by Rottweiler Records


"Fleas Naughty Dog" has been a Rottweiler Records tradition for 7 years with the sole purpose of honoring God, celebrating life in Him, worldwide music scene unity regardless of musical style, and having a ton of fun in the process...

Source: Rottweiler Records

SoCal legends Sleeping Giant have announced their final project.


Sleeping Giant are bringing it home to Facedown Records to say goodbye with their final album “I Am,” set to release January 26...

Source: Facedown Records

Fight The Fade to release new EP "Masks" January 12, 2018


Fight The Fade are set to release their brand new EP, "Masks" in early 2018. The first single, "Bullet" is available with pre-order...

Source: Fight The Fade Facebook

Getting to know...

Rocky Gray |  Soul Embraced/Living Sacrifice

This is a monthly article where we get to know those from the Christian music industry a little bit better. We find out what is going on in the lives of your favorite musicians, writers, artists, and more...

In this month's article, we caught up with Rocky Gray from "Soul Embraced/Living Sacrifice" and got a little personal...

Who is your favorite "horror" character?

Rocky Gray: I don't really have a favorite horror character but if I had to choose I'll go with Reagan McNeal from The Exorcist. No other reason than she is one of the main characters in my favorite horror film.

What are you most thankful for?

Rocky Gray: I am most thankful for my very understanding wife and 2 now teenage children. Without their understanding I would have definitely given up doing music full time and would have gotten a regular job.
Doing music independently full time is hard and it takes a lot of time away from the family. I definitely dedicate time to my family but it's not as much as I'd like.
The best part of my job is I work from home so even though there's not all of the one on one time I'd like to have, I'm always here whenever they need me, or don't need me but is just nice to know I'm always around.

Where is the creepiest place you have ever been to?

Rocky Gray: Eastern State Penitentiary. Because it's one of the creepiest places on earth.

When did you first become a Christian?

Rocky Gray: I got saved for the last time (haha) in the mid 90's again with the usual prayer. At that time I was old enough to understand how to communicate with God and not have to feel like I had to get saved every time I went down the wrong road. Instead God went down that road with me and helped me get back on track and learned something every time.

Why do you think that the world is in so much turmoil?

Rocky Gray: Because people are dumb animals.

How do you spend your Thanksgivings?

Rocky Gray: With my family. It's one of the days I know I'll get a full day of family time :)

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