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Fuel Up 2017!

Help keep us rockin' throughout 2017...

Help support Fuel and D2S Radio throughout 2017 and enter to win some pretty sweet prizes...

We are kicking off our annual fund raiser, Fuel Up 2017! We would like to raise enough money to pay all broadcasting expenses in the year 2017 for both Fuel radio and D2S; we need to raise $4,500.00, we are going to even throw in some sweet prizes, so here is how it works....

For every $10 that you donate, you get 1 entry.
Donate $50.00 and get 5 entries plus 1 bonus entry.
Donate $100.00 and get 10 entries plus 3 bonus entries.

Attention!: We have a listener who will match all donations up to $2,000.00!
So donate today and your entries will be doubled!

Please note: D2S and Fuel Radio are not a 501(3)(c) and contributions are not tax-deductible.

SPECIAL (Premium Fuel Members Only)
get one QP for 3 months for every $25 donated.

Donate through PayPal...

Donate any amount

Donate - $10.00

Donate - $50.00

Donate - $100.00

Donate - $250.00

To send a check or money order, please make them out to Tom Johns and mail to:

Fuel Radio c/o Tom Johns
P.O. Box 94
Cosmopolis, WA


Void where prohibited. Some restrictions apply. One qualifier per household. You need not be present to win.
The contest: From 01/01/2017 through 03/31/2017, Fuel Radio and Dead To Self Radio will promote, by means of the website the opportunity to submit entries to win a grand prize as detailed below. Online broadcast advertising may also be used to promote the contest beginning 01/01/2017 through 03/31/2017.
Eligibility: In order to submit entries, you must be 18 or older or have consent by a parent or legal guardian, no limit on entries. Any individuals (including but not limited to employees, consultants, independent contractors, and interns) who have, within the past six months, performed services for Fuel Radio, Dead To Self Radio or any organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the contest or supplying the prize, and/or their respective parent, subsidiary, affiliated and successor companies, and immediate family and household members of such individuals, are not eligible to enter or play. "Immediate family members" shall mean parents, step-parents, children, stepchildren, siblings, step siblings, or spouses. "Household members" shall mean people who share the same residence at least three months in one calendar year.
How to enter: (I) Donate at least 10 US dollars to Fuel Radio or Dead To Self Radio via PayPal or by mailing a check or money order on or before 03/31/2017, or (II) request information by emailing Fuel Radio or Dead To Self Radio. Requests must be emailed to Fuel Radio, c/o Fuel Up 2017.
How to win: Prize winners will be selected in a random drawing conducted from all qualified entries on or about 03/31/2017. In the event that the original Prize winner does not meet Official Rules or eligibility requirements, or he/she or parent or legal guardian forfeits the Prize, Fuel Radio will award the prize to first alternate. Process will continue until the Prize is awarded. All entries must be received on or before 03/31/2017. The selection will be held the week of [When goal is met]. Decision of the judges and Fuel Radio is final. Prize winners will be notified by email and must meet all eligibility requirements.
By entering, each contestant agrees to be bound by the rules. Fuel Radio, Dead To Self Radio, its promotional agents and contest co-sponsors are not responsible for illegible, lost, delayed or misdirected mail or errors in shipments.
There may be no cash or other substitutions of prizes by winner. However, Fuel Radio reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable for any reason.
Prizes will not be released until Fuel Radio receives all required donations. Failure of Prize winners to meet the minimum donation amount within the required time frame will result in automatic forfeiture of any prizes and all such prizes shall be awarded to an alternate winner. Unforeseen Events: Fuel Radio reserves the right to change this contest at its sole discretion at any time that Fuel Radio become aware of any circumstances or occurrence which would materially affect the contest security or fairness. Fuel Radio reserves the right to announce any contest rules changes over the air, in posts or email. Fuel Radio is not responsible for the inability of the winner to accept the prize for any reason.
List of Winners: For a copy of winner list, send an email to: Fuel Radio. In your request, state that you would like a copy of the "winners list" between 01/15/2017, and 12/31/2017.

Demon Hunter - "Outlive" Pack

One (1) Demon Hunter - "Outlive" Box Set [Signed]
One (1) Demon Hunter - Vinyl
One (1) Demon Hunter - Poster
One (1) Demon Hunter - Exclusive T-Shirt: XL

One (1) winner

Brian 'Head' Welch Bundle

One (1) Black Skull USB 4 GB Flash Drive with Brian 'Head' Welch - Save Me From Myself Album in mp3.
One (1) Brian 'Head' Welch - Save Me From Myself CD
One (1) Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story (Hardcover)
One (1) With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn (Hardcover)

One (1) winner

Devin Williams Pack

One (1) Devin Williams - Destruction Of Kings CD
One (1) Devin Williams - Pour It Out CD
One (1) Devin Williams - Where Do I Begin CD
One (1) XL Destruction Of Kings T-Shirt
One (1) Devin Williams Wrist Band

One (1) winner

Manafest Fighter Pack

One (1) 'Fighter: Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching Your Dreams' (Hardcover)
One (1) Manafest - Fighter CD

One (1) winner

Michael Sweet "One Sided War" Hand Autographed CD Bundle

One (1) Michael Sweet - One Sided War (Deluxe Jewel Case Edition) CD
One (1) Hand Autographed Sleeve (Signed by Michael)
One (1) Michael Sweet 'One Sided War' 4" Vinyl Sticker
One (1) Michael Sweet Signature Guitar Pick

One (1) winner

A Plea For Purging CD Pack

One (1) A Plea For Purging - The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging CD
One (1) A Plea For Purging - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell CD

One (1) winner

War Of Ages CD Pack

One (1) War Of Ages - Eternal CD
One (1) War Of Ages - Return To Life CD

One (1) winner

Overcome CD Pack

One (1) Overcome - The Great Campaign Of Sabotage CD
One (1) Overcome - No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. CD

One (1) winner

ilia CD Pack

One (1) ilia - Reborn CD
One (1) ilia - We Were Shiprecks CD

One (1) winner

Fivestar Prophet CD

One (1) Fivestar Prophet - Enemy CD

One (1) winner

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