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Critical Bride

Originated: Vigoy
Country: Spain
Genre: Metal/Metalcore

Bio: After the dissolution of Flamma Ignis (2003-2008), a death/progressive metal band known for being the first Christian band of that style in Spain, its members left the scene before the impossibility to continue it. Some tried to start new projects that were unable to perform due to lack of means and people.
The facilities appeared suddenly to start Critical Bride (full roster of members, support schedules, rehearsal rooms with all necessary equipment) which was enough to wake up other members from lethargy. This occurred in February 2013, since then they have been preparing, while keeping the project confidential. Critical Bride opened on July 27, 2013 with Freedom Xlave and Rust In Peace in the closed room and Torreiro Da Festa. The band subsequently participated in more concerts with bands like Turn To Dust, His Anxiety and Madrid Hollow Earth.


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