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About Us

About Us

Fuel Radio is an online only, Christian/positive hard music radio station. Streaming worldwide to thousands of dedicated music fans 24/7 with one of the largest playlists in this genre, Fuel Radio is committed to providing safe and quality entertainment. Established in 2006 by internet radio veteran Tom Johns and web designer/programmer Nathaniel Dragon, Fuel Radio promotes music seldom heard on the FM band. We not only want to feature the best in Christian hard music but we want to deliver great music to the people so that they can support independent artists.

You can find us on SHOUTcast (Metalcore), tunein, and most other online radio directories. You can also listen on your mobile phone and on most of your favorite game consoles. Discover the best unsigned bands, hear the newest releases, and listen to all of your favorite music on Fuel Radio! We also provide various themed shows throughout the week so check out our Schedule for a complete listing.

Our Mission

To be a source of safe, positive and encouraging entertainment.

Our Vision

Fuel Radio's soul purpose is two-fold; first, we intend to provide our listeners with the best online radio experience through our broadcast and website. Secondly, we intend to provide independent Christian artists with a source to be heard and supported.

Christian Music?

There has been some debate regarding which artists should or should not have music played on a Christian radio station, but at Fuel Radio, our goal is to provide an alternative to secular rock and metal radio stations. We want to deliver music for entertainment, provided that the presentation does not contradict our Christian faith. Not all of the music that we feature on Fuel Radio is considered "Christian music" but may be performed by artists who are Christians or by bands that have Christian members in them and their music does not contradict our faith, morals, or beliefs.


Fuel radio simply is one of the best stations I've ever heard for Christian metal and hard rock. First of all they don't play the same songs over and over. Second, they don't just play a single from an artist but they play any song from an album. In addition to that they don't just play the most popular signed artists, instead they play whatever's good. Signed or unsigned, famous or completely underground. Finally they are 24 hours a day and you can request songs from your favorite artists any time via the net. Oh and did I mention you can read album reviews, artist interviews and purchase songs from the artists right there on their website? Yeah, it doesn't get much better than Fuel Radio for the best in Christian metal and hard rock!

Jonathan Simpson - Song writer/producer/artist

Fuel Radio is always on top of their game playing the newest music thats currently out. That's what makes them stand out the most to me and of course the diversity of the artists they play. If you are into positive and encouraging entertainment, Fuel Radio is for you.

Alex Osborn - Red Cord Records

Fuel Radio rocks, but you probably knew that. What you might not know, but will immediately discover, is that their playlist is deep with great tunes and great bands – heavy, talented, hard-edged bands – and not just current or past, but a great mix of both. The cutting edge never dulls. Only we do. Stay sharp and stay tuned to Fuel Radio.

Doug Van Pelt - HM Magazine Editor · 1985 - 2013

I love HEAVY Christian Metal. I'm not talking about rock or even regular metal, I like sceamo vocals with double bass pedal metal. Being in my 40s, it's tough to find a peer group that likes the same music as me. That's where Fuel Radio comes in. Since I can't get music recommendations from most of my friends, Fuel Radio fills in the gap with a constant stream of mosh-worthy music. If you want to headbang to good clean music, turn on Fuel Radio!

Mike - Listener from Philadelphia, PA

To me fuel radio is definitely a God given sent blessing from above. Believe it or not, I'm 54 years old and I can't tell you how much I love hardcore, screamo, strait edge, death metal, and all the other sub genres, whatever. This station plays not only earlier metal music but today's new and upcoming bands. I'm pretty up to date with tons of Christian metal bands. I listen to this radio station everyday at work and helps me get through the day. I'm a hardcore Christian with strong faith and to be able to finally have a station that plays all the metal songs I so love and to be able to find new Christian bands with strong faith message. Thanx again for being there for me and I truly know so many others. GOD BLESS U FUEL RADIO!!!!!! Metalmaniac4him

Steven Gray - Listener from Wichita Falls, TX

fuelradio.fm has been a great place to fellowship with strong believers who love metal music that has a positive message of hope in Christ. So much time and dedication has been put into the webpage and forums and of course the music that is played. I wish I had more time to listen and interact with the members in the forum because they are filled with great Godly men/women who uplift each other. It is great to be able to see reviews and peoples opinions on hard rock music. Love fuelradio.fm!

Zachary M. (a.k.a. Rev22-12) - Listener from Post Falls, ID

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