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Sincerely, Ichabod

by Project 86

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Bio: Project 86 was formed in mid 1996 by vocalist Andrew Schwab in Orange County, California. Schwab comments in a 2004 interview regarding the number 86 in the band name: "The generation before us used that phrase to describe when they would reject or remove something... Project 86 is like the whole idea of being rejected, or separate, or not going along with the current." Project 86's music is ch...

...And The Rest Will Follow

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Album Spotlight

Deadweight by Wage War is in the album spotlight for September. Deadweight was released on August 4 via Fearless Records. It is the band's second release and according to the band, "We are so thrilled to finally announce our new album, Deadweight. We've put so much time, effort, and emotion into making what we think is the best and truest Wage War album. Lyrically, it's the most vulnerable and honest we've ever done. Musically, we really pushed ourselves on the heavy and melodic sides of our band."

Indie Spotlight

Pariah by Glasslands is in the indie spotlight for September. Glasslands, compiled of previous members from Beartooth, Icon For Hire and Before Their Eyes, released their debut album titled Pariah on Friday September 23rd 2016.
Kincheloe funneled his knack for crafting sublime songs and his relatable tales of vagabond introspection into an album of ten near-perfect, genre-shedding jams. Pariah is Glasslands' initial lightning bolt on to the scene which reared them, and this is the fundamental eye opener by which a sparkling music career is inaugurated.

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