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Untitled As Of Yet

by Prescription

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Bio: Prescription's music can be described essentially as hard rock. It's melodic with a bass-heavy edge, running riffs, and multi-fingered tapping. The experimental guitars are layered beneath the sometimes catchy, sometimes in your face vocals. It's music that has to be experienced to be fully understood, music that will grab you and bring you somewhere deeper.
The band began when it's four member...

Drawn To The Twilight

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Album Spotlight

Farewell To Midnight by As We Ascend is in the album spotlight for March. Released on Vital Records, this is the debut album from former "We As Human" members, Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw. The band funded the project using the crowd funded campaign, pledgemusic. The band wanted to make music that was real and untouched by the financially driven record industry, bringing the raw emotion and talent that flows straight from the heart and bleeds through the speakers. The story of a helplessly broken humanity, and a God who sees past the filth and shortcomings. The story of a God who reaches into the shattered hearts of the hopeless and mends them into something greater than ever imagined.

Indie Spotlight

The Covering by Random Hero is in the indie spotlight for March. This is the latest release by the band. The project was successfully funded through a pledgeMusic campaign. Random Hero has spent six years changing lives through the positive power of music. The band has worked incredibly hard to present meaningful music and a tight, energy charged live show. Along the way, a huge and loyal fan base has showered them with consistent accolades. The band counts this as their boldest project to date. The album was produced and mastered by the Dove Award winning Robert Venable (Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson, Megadeth, Disciple, INXS, Building 429).