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by Post Mortum

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Bio: In the center of America's heartland where there is little to do but watch the corn grow, Post Mortum set the example of rising against the odds to pursue dreams regardless of the cost. As just a bunch of kids finishing high-school, the band prioritized their lives, focusing on what they wanted to do and who they wanted to be. Independently released in 2005, Post Mortum's "in-your-face, heavy-hitting" de...

Fixed Retina

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Album Spotlight

Cursed by Righteous Vendetta is in the album spotlight for April. Cursed is the first release in nearly four years from the Wyoming-based band, who released their last project "The Fire Inside" in 2013. Righteous Vendetta has spent those years with relentless touring and crafting the new songs. Cursed was released through Century Media Records. "After two years of writing and recording, we are beyond excited to finally release this album," Righteous Vendetta shared on a statement on Century Media's Facebook page. "For anyone that follows us, they know this has been a long process. But patience has paid off, because we feel that we have crafted the best album we possibly can."

Indie Spotlight

Ashland Messiah by Exhortation is in the indie spotlight for April. Released in December of 2016, this is the young Texas thrash metal band's first full length album and we mean YOUNG; Isaac Goldsmith (drums 19), Jordan Rosser (vocals 19), Seth Anderson (guitar 20), and Spencer Molina (bass 20). Don't let their ages fool you, this album contains twelve brutal thrash metal tunes that will melt your face off. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.